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Is your child yearning for an after-school activity? Why not consider dance classes for them? Dancing lessons have a bevy of benefits, from getting them active to socialization to making new friends, to even improving co-ordination. Check out these tips to nut out the best style of dance for your child, along with how to pick their ideal dance class.

I’m really thankful for Ms. Minerva Goodwin’s dedication and encouragement for my little angel to chase her dream.

Do you have a budding ballerina, a singing/dancing dynamo or perhaps a bouncing B-boy on your hands? There are many styles of dance classes and lessons to help you choose the best style of movement to suit your child’s happy feet. Research the different dancing styles that your little one may be interested in, and have a chat with them about what type of dance they would prefer.

There’s no age requirement for enrolling in this class. Children of all ages are welcome. We offer dedicated instructions based on your child’s age and level.

It depends on the topics and lessons students are attending. Usually, there are some light assignments to encourage student’s further study of the subject.

Students who attended at least 80% of the course and completed all the required assignment will be able to receive a certificate from KidzGoodie.

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