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We were inspired by the Wall Drawing series by American artist Sol LeWitt. In these, he drew vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines on walls to create surprising, room-size art. He worked in a temporary medium (walls) and believed that the art existed as an idea that could be replicated on different surfaces.


All the theories are well-explained in a simple and comprehensible by our teachers.


Kids will be so totally immersed in the world of creativity that every day is a happy day.


All of the equipment is the latest model, which greatly assists the study procedure.


Class rules are flexible enough to create the most suitable learning environment.

Mitchell Brady is an art teacher with the Metropolitan Nashville Public School district in Tennessee. A firm believer in the idea that art is for everyone, she loves planning lessons with projects that students can interpret in their own way, with no wrong answers. She has inspired numerous students in her KidzGoodie’s Paper Arts Class.

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