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It’s a scholarship for students with outstanding achievements in learning and activity participation. This scholarship offers students with a small amount of money, a certificate, and a voucher at KidsPlay entertainment. The main purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students to dynamically take part in studying and grasping of the knowledge.


Depending on the size of annual budget for scholarship, students will be able to receive a certain amount of money.


Awarded certificate states clearly the achievement of the holder with a signature from KidsPlay’s director.


The chosen receiver of this scholarship will be awarded a premium voucher at KidsLay entertainment center.


The expected number of scholarship holders every year is 30 and it can’t be changed.

Since 2007, KidsPlay scholarship for outstanding students was established to provide due recognition to those students with high academic caliber. The consideration process for this scholarship starts on the month of June each year.

Our Valuable Donos

Willie Bradley
Willie Bradley

Scholarship for students with outstanding academic achievements is an honorable award for children’s effort. Your donations would all go directly to scholarship resources then to our dear students. We hope that more and more students at KidsPlay will be awarded this.

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