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Provision of Facility Furniture” refers to the replacement of existing “standard issue” furniture and furniture accessories from funding within the Building Maintenance furnishings program (7502, due to obsolescence or lifecycle issues or as required to make any space useful up to the level of normal building standards.


The new models of tables and chairs for students that we are planning to buy will suit your children better.


Blackboards of the new generation have more features for teachers to deliver their lectures.


The lighting system is all set, however, the old hanging lamps use more electricity than the new ones.


Air-conditioning systems of KidsPlay are different in that it cares more about respiratory systems.

KidsPlay center’s furniture and facilities are quite outdated and old, so there’s a need to replace them with new-standard ones.  We need to replace a large number of furniture pieces across 50 classes of our center, therefore the budget for this might get huge. We are calling for your help in this project.

Our Valuable Donos

Willie Bradley
Willie Bradley

Replacement furniture parts to make your furniture feel like new again. The purchase of spare parts online is conducted by part number & request parts with a simple parts request form. We need to have available budget for this by February 2018.

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