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  • Bajo Tangram


    Put your problem-solving abilities and creativity to the test with this blue tangram wooden puzzle. This ancient Chinese game includes seven different shapes in a wooden box, with the aim of the game being to make as many different patterns as you can.

  • Cluttering Square


    Get your kids to establish the habit of thinking and encourage the creativity through the formation of shapes.

  • Colored Pencils


    Color is an integral part of life, we can’t avoid color in life as it is everywhere. The more we embrace it and consciously become color savvy, aware of its effects and transformational abilities.

  • Colorful Counting Board


    Learning to count, complete sums, memorize prime numbers and master the timetables is made easy with this incredible wooden maths toy.

  • Eraser Set


    30 pcs/Lot Jelly eraser Cute Rubber erasers Color correction stationery school supplies material for schools and offices.

  • Lovely Gift Cards


    Kardify is a leading source for playing cards news, Kickstarter analysis, interviews, reviews and previews.

  • Manual Clock


    Learning to tell the time is an essential life skill and it’s made fun with this clever wooden clock. It has 12 balls which can be turned around to show the time in as a traditional 12-hour clock, a 24-hour clock, in Roman numerals and in fractions.

  • Modeling Clay


    This pack of brightly colored modeling clay is ideal for making all manner of creations. This modeling dough comes in a lovely range of colors – red, yellow, blue and green – and is easy for children to mold into imaginative shapes.

  • Percussion Bell


    Toddlers will love to make some noise with this jingly jangly bell toy. Hold onto the wooden handle and shake the three little bells inside to make a ringing tune. Team up with other first instruments in the percussion range to make a baby band.

  • Rainbow Playing Cards


    Fredericks & Mae playing cards Fredericks & Mae playing cards. Your children can learn and play at the same time.

  • Sorting Cube


    This ultimate shape sorter features 12 chunky, vibrantly colored shapes that make a satisfying „clunk“ as they drop into the natural-finish hardwood cube.

  • Stencil Rulers


    4 Pcs/Set Spirograph Geometric Animal Emoji Ruler Korea color ruler Drafting Tool For Student Stencils for drawing Set Gift-in Drawing Toys from Toys.